Decor Custom Fancy Lamp | OCF100

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Size : 5″x10″


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A perfectly hand-crafted designer lamp which displays your own name most strikingly, is indeed a rare attraction in a home. You can make it a perfect gift of lasting memories to any person who has made a mark in your life. By presenting this unique design to someone you are bearing witness to a perfect relationship besides leaving an unforgettable reminder of your own lasting concern. This wooden acrylic lamp is professionally designed so as to make it an elegant sign of modernity. Besides, it is a chosen symbol of peaceful coexistence with nature in a world of scientific advancement.  We are in a world of enlightened men and women. Besides, you can customize this acrylic fancy lamp, giving full expression to your own creativity. No wonder our wooden acrylic lamps have become the latest trendsetter in our modern homes. Remember these are carefully hand-crafted using the latest technology. So you can add elegance to your table with this stylish decoration for a graceful reception. Add extra charm and delight to a celebration. You can also make it a regular house decor. It is highly affordable as Orbiz Creativez do not charge for the design. Claim your share of this novelty now itself.

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