Birthday Gift Box | OBG102

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Size : 3.5″x3″

Length : 6.5″

You can customize the size and font you want.

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Birthday Gift Box

Offering gifts are intimately connected with a good relationship. Relationships take root only by visits. Visiting a friend empty handed does not make sense. Even offering sweets especially the home-made delicacies is equal to sharing intimate moments. Friendship is strengthened just by the little signs of appreciation and recognition. Maybe a small piece of cake; maybe a few sweets or a little hankie with a small bottle of perfume. There is nothing better than a couple of sweets for little kids. All these little things are insignificant. But become great gifts when these are given in an Orbiz Creativez online gift shop. A new age has dawned; it is no more the content that matters in a wooden gift box. It is the container that makes the content a great gift. Just have a look at the magic box!

Who does not want to celebrate a birthday?? When a friend greets it with a simple birthday gift it becomes a celebration. Parents often forget their wedding anniversary. But a reminder of it with a little gift makes it unforgettable. A custom gift box specially designed by professionals from Orbiz Creativez is highly affordable online gift shop. You can add names, photographs, dates and any other information to personalize the gift.

The gift boxes are made with specially selected wood. You can use the latest technology to print it with exotic colours. You can also laminate it most attractively. The custom container makes the gift not only more attractive but also most memorable. Choose the colour you want to choose your logo and make it a lasting memento of your own creativity.? Remember the custom container box.

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